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A Little About Us

There were once two separate Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agencies; we merged Crazy About the Mouse and With Imagination Travel in 2015 and rebranded as Crazy Imagination Travel. Equally passionate about all things Disney and all things travel, it's proven to be an excellent decision. Together with our incredible team of Travel Advisors, we are privileged to share our expertise so that families can experience the magic of Disney.

Our Leadership Team

Friends. Leaders. Trusted Associates. These women reflect the Crazy Imagination Travel brand in so many ways. Professionally speaking, they are well-versed in all things Disney (and beyond); they serve their guests and their team members with excellence. Personally speaking, these are some of our dearest friends and we LOVE working side-by-side with them at Crazy Imagination Travel.

Amy Barber

Disney Fave: Snow White | Super Strength: Positivity | Most likely to make us laugh

Bethany Houser

Disney Fave: Tinker Bell | Super Strength: Achiever | Most likely to create an awesome spreadsheet

Jane Jones

Disney Fave: Mickey Mouse | Super Strength: Consistency | Most likely to bring veggies on vacation

Melissa Jiles

Disney Fave: Ariel | Super Strength: Positivity | Most likely to visit all Disney Destinations in a year

Mistie Parks

Disney Fave: Cinderella | Super Strength: Maximizer | Most likely to go to a Jonas Brother's concert

Tara Johansen

Disney Fave: Rapunzel | Super Strength: Harmony | Most likely to go to a World Series game

"You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality."

- walt disney

Our Administration Team

Simply put, we couldn't make it all happen without these two amazing ladies working behind the scenes.

Kim Green
Training Hostess

Amanda Hosni
Administrative Support

Testimonials & Reviews

Crazy Imagination Travel's knowledge and passion for what they do was hugely reflected in my trip to Walt Disney World - with every detail planned and taken care of. Tips and tricks to make our family vacation were included, along with an expertly organized itinerary in a special 'pre-trip' package that our agent gave to us.


It was so fun and helpful to have someone who speaks fluent "Disney" planning our trip! This was my fourth trip, but it was the first time I've used an agent. I had such a great experience with CIT that I will most definitely be using them again. I loved being able to bounce my ideas and questions off of someone so knowledgeable, and using their suggestions made our trip even more magical!


Our Disney vacation experience was amazing! And it wouldn't have been as great if our agent had not been helping us. We were in awe with each booking and how she maximized our time and experience. The trip was completely magical for all of us. I can't wait to do it all again!


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Let's start the magic!

Crazy Imagination Travel Advisors are experts at the art of vacationing Disney and beyond. No two families are alike and no two vacations are alike. Each vacation is carefully planned and customized to our guest. From the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida to world-wide adventures in Australia, our Travel Advisors are ready to help guests plan their dream vacation. Go ahead. Put our service to the test!