Kari Mitchell

Vacation Planning Specialist

What I love about helping guests plan their vacations is making sure they get the most value for their travel dollar, and it resulting in life-long memories. Material things come and go in our lives, it is the times together we cherish.

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Kari is well-versed in all things Disney travel but these areas are where her passion and expertise shine.

Disney Storytelling

Maximizing Vacation Budgets

Seasonal Treats

I love to understand the “why” and the backstory. With Disney Destinations, the story IS the experience. Disney does a magnificent job of immersing the guests in a world full of wonder, each location, attraction, and interaction having some sort of magic that when known, will elevate and enhance the experience entirely. I love helping guests see behind the scenes, learn about the “why” or “how” that makes Disney, and their storytelling - extraordinary.

- kari mitchell

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Reviews & Testimonials for Kari

Veronica Ramirez

I had an amazing experience using Kari from Crazy Imagination Travel! She was super helpful and ALWAYS answered any question I had before planning our trip. She did a wonderful job explaining the park, parking, food plans and any other thing I could think about. Kari did an awesome job with setting up a daily planner that I could go by and it was super helpful when I was looking for things to do. Best experience ever!

The Sharma Family

I cannot explain you in words how grateful my family and I are to Kari for taking care of our eight day holiday. I really appreciate her. We will share Kari's contact information with our friends and family members for their future holiday plans too!

Robin Fox & Family

I cannot say enough or thank Kari enough for giving my family the Disney Experience of a lifetime - An experience that we will treasure always! Knowing Kari, she was as excited for my family as we were in making our dreams come true and sprinkling fairy dust all over our magical vacation. She coordinated every detail so that everyone felt at peace and at ease and everyone in our party, aged 7 thru 63, enjoyed themselves to the fullest extent. I sincerely recommend this awesome lady with making YOUR pixie dust dreams magical and real.

One of my favorite Disney experiences is the Fish Extender Gifting aboard Disney Cruise Line. A micro-community of families planning, celebrating and then creating magical experiences for each other while on board a gorgeous ship - What’s not to love? - Kari